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PostSubyek: Kevin_Cleveland   Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:55 pm

Form Pendaftaran

[In Character]
Nama Character : Kevin Cleveland
Asal Character : America, Marina Los Santos
Umur Character : 21
Character Story : kevin cleveland,otherwise known as K-C, was born in a religious family, and a religious environment too. When he was enter the elementary school, he was a diligent and intelligent student at his school, he is also diligent and devout in religious matters, such as coming to church every sunday. but after he entered junior high school level, he has no friends. it's because his friends are racist in school and do not like the black people. so, that was make kevin frustrated, but his family can't not do anything, it's because kevin's family are a poor family.

he's watching too much TV, and obsessed to become a gangster because of the influence of television. he was tried to use such things of the narcotics, learned to smoke and the others Illegal thing. he was expelled from the school, and also expelled from his family. he lived from the proceeds of robbery, stealing, and drug sales.
Pekerjaan : Tidak memiliki pekerjaan

[Out Of Character]
Nama : Taufiq Ristanto
Tempat Tanggal Lahir : Jakarta, 15/08/1995
Asal Kota : Malang
Umur : 16
Jenis Kelamin : Pria

Apa yang dimaksud dengan DM : DM, means Deathmatch. In Roleplay Concept, is killing a player for no reason. Just shooting them because he likes to shoot and kill.

Apa yang dimaksud dengan MG : Metagaming or MG, means using OOC information to gain an unfair advantage in rolepay, or using OOC information and use it for IC. (Gaining knowledge from Out-Of Character.)

•An example for Metagaming:
-When you see, tag name above his/her head, and then you says it out like 'Whassup, Shawn Rivera?' Without knowing that person.
-It's when you received /pm from other player, 'Come here, to the Pig Pen', and then you go to the the Pig Pen and look for the player who has /pm-ed you before.

Apa yang dimaksud dengan PG : Powergaming or PG, means to have unrealistic ability's or to do something In game that you cannot do In real life.

•An example for Powergaming:
- * You can see, Bernard's indside the car. ((Bernard Brown)) **
Shawn Rivera Walks slowly toward the car.
Bernard Brown Grabs Shawn body and throws him into car.
Bernard Brown Ties him.

-/me takes a can and throws it full power, and it falls to the moon.

-/me shoots Achemd from his deagle and kills him

-After you get crashed by a car, but you still running. that's PG too.

Apa yang dimaksud dengan RK : Revenge Kill, means killing someone who had just killed you. This may also mean Returning to a Scene of an RP. attempt to physically harm a player who killed you before for the same reason - killing you. Some people think that Revenge Kill is only when you actually kill the person, but it is also a physical harm. This is simple - you are going to kill your killer, for revenge. You can't do that, because of a simple rule - when you "die" (critically injured, unless it's a Player Kill), you lose 30 minutes of memory. So you can't remember who killed you.

Dengan ini ((Kevin Cleveland)). Mematuhi Seluruh Peraturan Server dan tidak menggunakan Segala bentuk cheat atau program ilegal apapun. Terimakasih.
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PostSubyek: Re: Kevin_Cleveland   Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:32 am

Name : Kevin Cleveland


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